Akihabara Renditions started as a blog for news commentary about the North American Anime Industry and classic Japanese animation from the Bubble Economy. Over time, it morphed into a periodic podcast that talks about many facets of Japanese animation, comics and fandom, especially targeting those Bubble Economy classics. In addition to the podcast, we also write fandom articles and host fan panels at various Japanese animation conventions.

Who Are Akihabara Renditions?

Drew Sutton: Fan of Japanese animation since the mid 1990s, cutting his teeth on mid-nineties dubs, tape trading and the horrors of a world with Apollo Smile. Thanks to these delightful cartoons, he began learning that magical moon-speak of theirs and has been active in providing quick translations to various news groups. He started Akihabara Renditions as a traditional blog back in 2006, which actually was the fourth incarnation of the same space since 2004.

Richard Hoelsher: Became a fan just after running from the school bus to watch the abomination that was Robotech. After attending several meetings for the metro Atlanta anime club, Anime X, he went to Anime Weekend Atlanta and volunteered for staff the following year. He usually reserves himself for titles mostly featuring robots and science fiction.


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  1. Hey, glad to finally get the missing podcasts and catch up on the new ones. Congrats on the move!

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