Series 2 Episode 26: You’re Under Arrest

No clever titles, as Richard and Drew lay down the law and discuss the 1994 OAV, Taihoushichauzo!, AKA, You’re Under Arrest.

This episode was recorded back shortly after New Year’s and before the world went to hell, so we open with some chit-chat about what we were up to closing 2019. We discuss the passing of anime seiyuu Inoue Makio and theatrical showings of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack ahead of the review.

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Series 2 Episode 24: In Defense Of Zeta Gundam

Richard and Drew sit down to chat about one of their favorite series in the Gundam franchise, nay, a favorite TV series of all time – 1985’s Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Zeta has been held highly in the pantheon of Gundam series but went through a long period of harsh criticism.  Unlike a typical review of the series itself, we decided to discuss the series featuring criticisms and critiques of the series and respond to them, which are off-base and which are well reasoned.

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Links to our quotes can be found below.

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Series 2 Episode 21: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers 30th Anniversary

In this episode, Drew and Richard talk about a panel they were planned to present at Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2018, the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers 30th Anniversary! We talk about the original TV series and the OAVs that came after. YST is a series that was near and dear to our hearts in our earlier fandom and is still a show we talk about off-air, so it was great to sit down and chat about this series. As you can tell from some background noise early on, we’re not the only ones who are down with YST!

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Series 2 Episode 17: Anime of Heisei-gannen

Japan is preparing for the abdication of its current Emperor, which means the coming of a new era! Actually, this doesn’t mean anything except or history and political junkies… doesn’t it? Well, not so fast!

Drew will explain the significance and brief history of the Imperial Calendar system and Richard confuses monarchies for someplace that elects their figureheads and nominates professional wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger to the post and applies it to pop culture through beloved children’s hero, Masked (Kamen) Rider. Then they’ll go on to discuss some of the most notable series from the first year of the closing Heisei period.

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