The Fanboys Are Back In Town

Hey Readers and Listeners, Drew here from Akihabara Renditions. It’s a New Year; Happy 2017, everyone! Wait, whaddaya mean 2017?!? Our last post was from 2011?!?!

There’s been a ton going on with our motley crew of podcasters in the last six years – perhaps the single biggest among everyone was getting SeishunCon up and off the ground. Marc and friend of the show Taylor are taking care of that now, while Richard and I are taking some time out. Richard and I will be back hosting shows, hopefully more regularly, and we’ll be sure to have Marc  (who’s seat is still permanent), Taylor and many of the other fine folks from SeishunCon back on the show. お楽しみにしてください Please look forward to it!

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Episode 35 – Christmas Craptacular 4

We’re back on schedule for our fourth annual Christmas Craptacular special! And we’ll probably only be on schedule for this episode. Especially after the debacle with last year’s Craptacular and not to mention the debacle that is, well, our recording/posting history for the year 2010, it doesn’t hurt to get one thing out on time.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik.

Download this episode, you geek!

We’d also like to take this time to preemptively wish our listeners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we are all ready to bugger off for family, food and copious amounts of booze. Akihabara Renditions will be back shortly after the new year with the same resolution (to do better) for 2011!

Sports, Hacking and Terrible Robots – AkibaRen at AWA XVI!

It’s that time of year again! With plenty of episodes in the editing engine, Akihabara Renditions is gearing up  for panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta! Here’s our listing of events that we’ll be present for at this year’s convention.

Engrish Jamboree (Fri. 1:00 PM/13:00 Kennesaw Room) – Drew and Basil from our Podcast Super-Friends, the OSMCast!, bring forth examples of Japanese animation and some pop-culture of ridiculous portrayals of the English language!

Wide World of Sports Anime (Fri. 4:00 PM/16:00 Galleria 104) – Drew and Basil are back with Michelle to talk about the most over-looked genre of Japanese animation: that dealing with games of sport!

Podcaster’s Roundtable (Sat. 3:30 PM/15:30 Kennesaw Room) – Members of AkibaRen will be stopping by to say what’s up with other podcasters and chat with folks interested in podcasting.

Hacking in Anime (Sat. 7:00 PM/19:00 Galleria 104) – Marc and Drew are doing a last-minute replay of their successful panel from MTAC this year! They’ve got some clips from a few different anime that depict some elements of computer hacking – they’ll let you know what’s fact or fiction! Please check your neckbeard at the door.

My Life on the Super Robot D-List (Sun. 12:00 PM Galleria 104) – Mecha aficionados Drew and Richard are combining with Dave Merrill from Let’s Anime with a list of Super Robot anime that can be described as anything but good.

Why Anime Cons? (Sun. 3:30 PM/15:30 Galleria 104) – Drew and Marc will be there to talk about running anime conventions.

We’ll be posting some lists of clips we use in our panels so drop in and stay tuned!

Episode 25 – A Whimsical Orange Road

Just before Anime Weekend Atlanta, we celebrate our twenty-fifth episode (and it only took 30 months to do!) by changing things up a little bit. Here at Akihabara Renditions, we do our reviews a little differently – we all are subjected to the material to be reviewed and each give our opinions on it. I think it makes for a much more balanced review but there are still some kinks to be worked out in the execution. While much of our review material thus far has been OAVs and films which only take a few hours to watch, when it comes to some of the longer series, four busy-as-Japanese-beavers-individuals with a ton of other commitments outside of the podcast, it becomes a little infeasible to adhere to this method.

So, we’ve modified the method a bit with one of us helming the flagship of running the review and selecting a few episodes for the rest of the members to get a feel for the series. Our first attempt at this new review style is 1987’s Kimagure Orange Road. We return to our normal review pattern with a forgettable OAV from 1986, Cosmos Pink Shock.

Download this episode, you geek!

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik and Richard Hoelsher

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Middle Tennessee Anime Convention

We’re scrambling to get ready for Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, otherwise known as MTAC!

Episode 21 is in the midst of being edited down, 22’s been recorded and now Drew’s brain is going to explode as the mixer and mics go with us to MTAC and he’ll have even more stuff to edit.

Hope to see you there!

A Brief Note About Podcast Episode Re-releases

So, as we’ve moved to the new platform and new hosting for the podcast episodes, there’s the issue with getting all of our previous episodes in an orderly fashion back online and ready for download. Rather than flood the front pages with post after post of old episodes, I’ve decided that we’ll be making group posts where applicable with spacing for each episode’s notes further down into the post. This method won’t affect either of the two un-released episodes that have just had their editing completed nor will it affect the postings for any of our future episodes.

/Drew Sutton, Akihabara Renditions

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

… Or, “how not to let your DNS and hsoting subscription expire.”

If you’re seeing this now, then that means you’ve noticed about when we first moved to WordPress. If you’re seeing this and this is the very last post you come to, going through all of our other podcast episodes before this, then you’ve probably been on the Internet too long. Get off and go outside!

Please bare with us while we (I) fumble through WordPress and, much more importantly, get our previous episodes listed here and continue to get the word out about the show.

More content to follow!

/Drew Sutton, Akihabara Renditions