Episode 29 – Christmas/New Years/Valentines Craptacular

Perhaps our longest production episode to date! We began scrounging up titles in early December and our previous attempt to actually, you know, meet a Christmas deadlines were foiled in that we simply did not feel our selections were crappy enough. That’s the sort of quality that Akihabara Renditions has become known for – we’ll delay something until it’s way out of season in order to deliver a better product.

Hosts this episode: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik

So, behold the majesty that is our Third Annual Christmas Craptacular! Download it you geek!

As mentioned in a previous post, our plans for Christmas Craptacular did not pan out as we had hoped.We tried, TRIED, TRIED to put together the third Craptacular that was super crappy but it just wasn’t happening in one go. We did put together a good epsiode for your enjoyment, we feel, and we are going to refine the format for next year. We normally keep the titles secret in the post so you’ll download the epsidoe but this screenshot deserves to be posted, just so you can see a portion of the crap we endured.

Oh, what we endure for our fans.

For Episode 30, Marc has a treat. We’re not sure who the treat is for. Marc dusts off his old copy of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki to have us all sit down and review the first OAV covering the first six episodes of this harem garbage masterpiece.

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