Episode 34 – Crisis on Infinite Californias

Richard and Drew get together for a podcast where we talk about the 1986 OAV, California Crisis. California Crisis is a bit like Please Save My Earth in that in this episode, Drew couldn’t stand to go looking for screen shots or an audio clip. Richard and Drew just get right into it. In fact, this image was taken from the site Anime Classic Reviews, run by a really awesome fan, “Area88”. Be sure to check out the site and what treasures lie there – we guarantee you’ll see future reviews coming from that treasure trove of titles!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton and Richard Hoelsher

Episode 31 – Talking About Baseball

After our latest hiatus, the crew from AkibaRen returns with another fantastic podcast! On this episode, we tackle a review for a trilogy of films that are condensed from a longer TV series and manga. This episode was recorded earlier this year and Drew’s only just now gotten around to editing it.

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Hosts This Episode: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Marc Smazik and Taylor Hall

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Episode 30 – This End Up

Our first podcast of 2010 is finally available three months into the year! As we begin 2010, we start out a new method of selecting what gets reviewed on a more permanent basis – the Rotation Schedule! Up for this review, we let Marc take us down to another favorite of his, one of the reasons he heavily got into anime and Drew takes the opportunity to take off nostalgia glasses and gets to rip into someone for something they love more for nostalgia than any real quality of the product. As expected, Richard always has and always will hate this show. This episode, we’re talking about Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki OAV 1.

Hosts: Marc Smazik, Drew Sutton and Richard Hoelsher

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Episode 29 – Christmas/New Years/Valentines Craptacular

Perhaps our longest production episode to date! We began scrounging up titles in early December and our previous attempt to actually, you know, meet a Christmas deadlines were foiled in that we simply did not feel our selections were crappy enough. That’s the sort of quality that Akihabara Renditions has become known for – we’ll delay something until it’s way out of season in order to deliver a better product.

Hosts this episode: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik

So, behold the majesty that is our Third Annual Christmas Craptacular! Download it you geek!

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Episode 28 – Armored Legend of Galactic Samurai Troopers

We return with episode 28, an epic episode that was MONTHS in the making. Even for Akihabara Renditions standards, this took far too long to get done. On this episode, we discuss two of the most neglected Japanese animation series of the late 1980s. And by “the most neglected”, we mean the first was massively popular in the United States in its own right, ushering in what Drew chronicles as American anime fandom’s Third Wave. The second is a series that was hard to find, even in tape trading circles, and no easy undertaking to fansub. But, some folks over at Central Anime were up to the challenge to translate, subtitle and release one of the few Japanese animation products that can accurately be described as “epic”.

Two cartoons enter – and one leaves with a unanimous approval.

Hosts this episode: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik

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Episode 22 – A Half-tastic MomoCon Review

A magnificent podcast as Marc and Drew sit down and discuss MomoCon for what they thought would be a brief discussion.

Marc sets a dangerous precedent by offering a party for listeners once a single episode’s downloads surpass the number of fingers on a normal individual’s fingers on two hands!

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Hosts: Marc Smazik and Drew Sutton

Podcast Notes:

MomoCon really deserves to be plugged. Also, Drew is prepared to take comments on numerous rounds of potential libel and slander.