State Of Classic Anime in North America, 2018

Way back in the early days of Akihabara Renditions, I started a thematic piece I called the “State Of Classic Anime in North America”. As my own personal fandom tastes shifted from the shiny and new titles, I started digging deeper into the “classics” and time periods of Japanese animation that most interested me. But since I did a bunch of arm chair industry analysis, I figured an annual round up of titles and their releases was good consistent content that I could work on. Which leads us to the first, and until recently only, State of Classic Anime in North America. Now, I think it’s time for this to make a comeback and be featured in a Free Talk segment.

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AkibaRen @ AWA

Akihabara Renditions: Japanese Animation of the Bubble Economy, Atlanta’s own and the “Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard Of” present the following events for your consumption –

30th Anniversary Gundam Fan Panel, 9 – 11 PM, Galleria Room 105.
Drew and Richard of the Akihabara Renditions Podcast have some clips and witty commentary as we talk about one of the most prolific franchises in all of modern anime. We’re going to expand a little bit on our panel from last year, The Gundam Primer. If you like Gundam, come to this panel. If you ever wondered what /m/ looks like without computers, COME TO THIS PANEL. If you cannot get enough of Bright Noah with a chicken on his head, COME. TO. THIS. PANEL.

Classic Mecha, 2 – 3 PM, Galleria 105.
Dave Merrill and Drew Sutton dig out some old Japanese robot cartoons. Dave will mostly cover the 70s giant robot stuff and I’ll be hitting up the 80s with real robot stuff. Expect a lot of mainstays but knowing Dave, he’s got some wild gems I’ve probably never seen or heard of. If we run really short on time, expect Bright Noah with a chicken on his head.

Anime Podcasters Roundtable, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, Kennesaw Ballroom.
I will be joined by Basil from the OSMcast! and Internet Celebrity Daryl Surat Gerald &/or Clarissa from Anime World Order and how ever many of our co-hosts that can fit on the panel to talk about podcasting, why we never update (because we’re too busy with panels) and what it takes to run an anime podcast (hint: more than you think). And probably some other topics as they arise.

In addition, the whole Akihabara Renditions crew will be out in force ready to get your impressions of the convention!