Series 2 Episode 13 – Crafting Panels for Anime Conventions

Hey everyone – if you’re reading this then it means Drew is up late putting together a podcast because him and Richard areĀ  putting together panels for an anime convention! Which, just so happens to be the topic of our show!

We’ll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta presenting the following panels, so if you’re also there, we’d love to meet the listeners!

Ten Years Ten Anime: 2000s Head-to-Head – FRI 9:45 PM CGC 108
Nue Kids On The Block: A Profile of Studio Nue – SAT 2:15 PM CGC 108
Suit (of Armor) Up! 30 Years of Ronin Warriors – SAT 7:15 PM CGC 108
Don’t Talk About The War: Militarism and Pacifism in Japanese Animation – SUN 11:30 AM CGC 107

MomoCon 2011

The cast of Akihabara Renditions will be visiting MomoCon this weekend in Georgia Tech Square in various capacities! Here are the following panels that you can find (some) of us in –

New Media/Podcasting in Anime Fandom: Drew is acting as a moderator for the discussion, so AkibaRen is sure to be mentioned. But this is about other podcasts and “new media”. (Saturday, 4 PM. Room 102)

XDR: Marc and Drew head up a ridiculous clip show. (Saturday, 11:30 PM. Room 101)

10 Years, 10 Anime – Japanese Animation 1980 – 1989: You know Drew loves the ’80s and its Japanese cartoons. Stop by to see what he considers some important and must-see anime year by year! (Sunday, 5:30 PM. Room 202)

When not giving presentations or assisting in general con business, we’ll also be promoting our ever more time consuming product, SeishunCon! Stop by and say hey, our table will be right near registration!