Episode 33 – Space Battleship Yamato

Not only did Drew take an inordinate amount of time to edit the episode, Space Battleship Yamato was a series that the Akihabara Renditions crew had been meaning to do since the inception of the podcast. Well, we finally got to it.

Download this episode, you geek!

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik.

There is nothing that we could write here that would be considered influential in the realm of Space Battlehsip Yamato (or, Star Blazers, as it is also known), so we’re not even going to try. If you search on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of articles that are much better (and already) written. Our review, we feel, cannot be parroted here in show notes. And besides, you don’t want to disappoint Leader Dessler, do you?

Be sure to check out our next episode where we tackle the 1986 OAV California Crisis!


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