Episode 30 – This End Up

Our first podcast of 2010 is finally available three months into the year! As we begin 2010, we start out a new method of selecting what gets reviewed on a more permanent basis – the Rotation Schedule! Up for this review, we let Marc take us down to another favorite of his, one of the reasons he heavily got into anime and Drew takes the opportunity to take off nostalgia glasses and gets to rip into someone for something they love more for nostalgia than any real quality of the product. As expected, Richard always has and always will hate this show. This episode, we’re talking about Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki OAV 1.

Hosts: Marc Smazik, Drew Sutton and Richard Hoelsher

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There are a couple of reasons why we’re only tackling Ryo-oh-ki OAV 1 for this episode. The first is that each of the first two OAVs, produced as the bubble was bursting in the Japanese economy, are six episodes each. This is a time factor for three fairly busy individuals. Second is that even though the OAV series all contain the same name, each portion is self-contained although self-referential. The problem with Tenchi Muyo! being so self-referential is that it essentially tells the same story three different ways, making it hard for someone who actually cares about the show to get confused with the alternate ways they write the story lines, so Marc makes many references and mentions to portions of the story that aren’t really explained solely in Ryo-oh-ki OAV 1. But Richard and Drew roll with it and you should, too, dear audience! Besides, even though there are a bunch of details from other series dropped in or time lines from different series confused, this series tends to have either a love it or hate it verdict as time marches on. If you’re not up for watching the series after this review, you probably weren’t going to watch it in the first place. If you’re up for this whole harem-pandering-genre-thing, then you’ve probably already seen it, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

Tenchi is about girls and men who become them.
The only podcast not to mention digital bikinis or "special tea"! Here we have three of the main archetypes/marketing demographics - Ryoko the tsundere, Aeka the ojousama and Sasami the Loli.
While I am sure the production staff had honest intentions to make something with some mass appeal, I have a feeling most of the people who bought Tenchi Muyo! looked like this.
Wakamoto Norio.jpg
Episode 5 of 6 - here comes the plot!

With Marc’s selection for the rotation complete, it turns now to the chief, Drew. Drew decides to have the crew tackle three movies which summarize one of his favorite Japanese cartoons of all time, Touch. Join us for episode 31 as we delve into sports anime!

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