Episode 28 – Armored Legend of Galactic Samurai Troopers

We return with episode 28, an epic episode that was MONTHS in the making. Even for Akihabara Renditions standards, this took far too long to get done. On this episode, we discuss two of the most neglected Japanese animation series of the late 1980s. And by “the most neglected”, we mean the first was massively popular in the United States in its own right, ushering in what Drew chronicles as American anime fandom’s Third Wave. The second is a series that was hard to find, even in tape trading circles, and no easy undertaking to fansub. But, some folks over at Central Anime were up to the challenge to translate, subtitle and release one of the few Japanese animation products that can accurately be described as “epic”.

Two cartoons enter – and one leaves with a unanimous approval.

Hosts this episode: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik

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Our first review is the second of three OAV sets, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers: Kikoutei Densetsu, alternatively known as Armor Legend Samurai Troopers: Legend of the Inferno Armor. What? You’re not down with YST? Yeah, you know, Ronin Warriors, dog!

We regale our dear listeners with the attempted epic as Japanese ignorance (or, as some people might put it, racism) as a BLACK MAN from AFRICA shows up with BLACK ARMOR. And he kicks those Nips’ collective asses. With heat waves, mirages and boomerangs. And the BLACK ARMOR and the WHITE ARMOR are DOOMED to fight.

Also, Drew’s sexuality is questioned.

Title Card

Taiyou no Mukara
We promise that Japan has at least heard of Africa
Kuroi Kikoutei
... You mean there's a BLACK Kikoutei?!?
Per Richard, "It's okay to to form Kikoutei when your friends are getting wrecked."

Our second review, we touch upon the first movie,  part of a larger franchise, Legend of Glactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of the Stars. Conquest is a  film which acts as a prequel to the exapnsive and epic OAV series, Legend of Galactic Heroes. At 110 episodes, LoGH is by far the longest original animation video in existence. You’ll note our consistent references to “the TV Series” because the first season was shown on television after being released on video. And the whole thing is just so gosh-darned long. Hundred-plus episode television series, we’re used to that; 100+ direct to video? That’s some commitment, chief. Fortunately, the film, while mentioning events from the OAV, keeps them as merely referential so as not to alienate a new viewer.

Yang and von Muesel
Yang Wen Li and Reihnhart von Muesel, protagonists in this epic space opera
Space battles such as this involve a lot of strategy, leading to lots of dialog, which is one of LoGH's strong points.
Political Strategy, AKA DICKING OVER EVERYONE, is also a prominent narrative vehicle.
Galactic Heroes ... not always in space.

So, we round out 2009 with a pretty positive note with this review. Our next episode is a welcome end to the year, our annual Christmas Craptacular!

3 thoughts on “Episode 28 – Armored Legend of Galactic Samurai Troopers

  1. “Also, Drew’s sexuality is questioned.”

    We do that every podcast. Not sure it warrants special mention. Also, LoGH is 110 episodes, not counting the 50 or so Gaiden episodes.

    • I felt that questioning deserved particularly exceptional mentioning for this episode. Also, I corrected the typo that the LoGH OAV is 110 episodes and not 101.

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