Christmas Crapt— Crapped Out.

So, we gathered for our annual Christmas Craptacular to watch some ridiculous Japanese Cartoons and record a podcast episode but we were defeated. What we had collected just wasn’t crappy enough. And Akihabara Renditions refuses to deliver a subpar product. So, we’re taking a few weeks to scour our libraries deeper, dive further into the Internet and really find some polished shit for us to watch, cry and then scream into a mixer about. Don’t worry, there will be a Craptacular for this year, it just won’t be released until next year.

Episode 28 is nearly complete and will be up shortly and we are working hard on hammering out our 2010 schedule. We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and new year!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Crapt— Crapped Out.

  1. If any of our 7 listeners have any recommendations for craptastic japanese cartoons please feel free to share. Otherwise we’ll be forced to scour garage sales for old MD Geist tapes.

    Also, a reminder to Drew to use the podcast to pimp Seishun Con. Tickets aren’t going to sell themselves, you know.

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