Episode 27 – Podcast Robo: The Night the Internet Stood Still

We’re back with another fantastic episode. This episode, we discuss the epic 1990s OAV Giant Robo The Animation: The Night the Earth Stood Still. Just listen to the podcast and then watch this show. Or, watch the show and listen to the podcast. Either way, you win because you’ve watched Giant Robo.


“Suharashiki” no Drew Sutton, “Shougeki” no Richard Hoelsher, “Shikou” no Marc Smaik and “Shizukanaru” Taylor Hall.

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Show Notes:

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. While drunk, it may or may not have come up that the Diet has actually enacted legislation prohibiting cartoons from being this cool anymore.

An opening that is so simple and so epic.
Earth! Marvelous World of the Future!

The word ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot, especially since the scourge of World of Warcraft began using it to describe what seems like damn near everything. Trust me – your mount, your loots, your other what-nots – that shit’s not epic. Giant Robo is fucking epic. This show starts with a freight train and the action and drama catch right up, dropping you unexplicably in the middle, and then hits you with the same freight train.

With the Third Energy Revolution, humanity has solved all the problems with pollution. Except this isn’t about tree-hugging eco-friendliness. This merely illustrates that the Earth has put all of its eggs into one basket – a basket that the BF Group is about to snatch, thanks to one of their new members, Genya.

Fortunately for us, there is the International Police Organization, their Experts of Justice and Kusama Daisaku and his (amazing) robot, Giant Robo. Giant Robo is the tale of a boy growing up and saving the world. A world where everyone and their brother is apparently some insanely powerful demi-god. It had to be done.

Who wears short shorts? Kusama Daisaku wears short shorts!
Fortunately for us, GinRei's China Dress is equally short.
Giant Robo's only detraction is that it begins and ends in a flurry of action. For most fans of today whose shows are mostly comprised of 13 episodes of inaction, this will undoubtably lead to sensory overload.
Shougeki no Alberto
Shougeki no Alberto (Alberto the Impact), an easy favorite when people talk about the Magnificent Ten.
Man up, son.
Murasame Kenji - dick extrodinairre. Obviously, he's Drew's favorite.
If Kanye West were popular in Japan and people who liked Kanye West also liked Giant Robo, Zangetsu the Midday would have to be renamed as Zangetsu the DAT HAT.

Fortunately for nearly everyone, Giant Robo The Animation: The Night The Earth Stood Still can be had for dirt cheap. While seven episodes over three discs doesn’t sound like a huge bargain, these seven episodes are the most exhausting seven episodes of the entire 1990s. The fact that the discs can be had for a few dollars leaves some spare change for the extras reel, GinRei Specials, which also sells for cheap. Look forward to a future review of the GinRei Specials since they’re too good to ignore.

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