Episode 25 – A Whimsical Orange Road

Just before Anime Weekend Atlanta, we celebrate our twenty-fifth episode (and it only took 30 months to do!) by changing things up a little bit. Here at Akihabara Renditions, we do our reviews a little differently – we all are subjected to the material to be reviewed and each give our opinions on it. I think it makes for a much more balanced review but there are still some kinks to be worked out in the execution. While much of our review material thus far has been OAVs and films which only take a few hours to watch, when it comes to some of the longer series, four busy-as-Japanese-beavers-individuals with a ton of other commitments outside of the podcast, it becomes a little infeasible to adhere to this method.

So, we’ve modified the method a bit with one of us helming the flagship of running the review and selecting a few episodes for the rest of the members to get a feel for the series. Our first attempt at this new review style is 1987’s Kimagure Orange Road. We return to our normal review pattern with a forgettable OAV from 1986, Cosmos Pink Shock.

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik and Richard Hoelsher

Show Notes:


Kimagure Orange Road is a series about youth, love triangles and ESPers. What’s an ESPer? Well, it is a person with telekentic and psycho-babble bullshit powers. Kasuga Kyosuke and his sisters happen to have such powers, which have caused them to move to a new city. Here, Kasuga becomes the infatuation of his underclassmate, Hiyama Hikaru and eventually begins to develop feelings for his actual classmate, Ayukawa Madoka. Kyosuke has to avoid revealing his powers in his misadventures of teenage love and indecision while at the same time attempting to use them to his advantage.

Our Main Trio - Madoka, Hikaru and Kyosuke
Our Main Trio - Madoka, Hikaru and Kyosuke
This jabrone learns why they call Madoka "The Pick"!
This jabrone learns why they call Madoka "The Pick"!
One of the best characters of the series - Jingoro, that damned cat.
One of the best characters of the series - Jingoro, that damned cat.

Kimagure Orange Road was one of those series that was adored by fansub viewers (or, at least, it gained a reputation for such) and was fairly popular in Japan in its time, receiving 8 OAV episodes and two films after the series’ completion but when it was brought to the States and made available on DVD, it flopped. Well, it sold well for AnimEigo, which means it would have flopped for just about any other company.

On the other hand, Cosmos Pink Shock is entirely forgettable. That’s not to say that it isn’t enjoyable. The parody jokes had Drew chuckling or bursting out laughing but the memory of this thing is like volitile memory storage. You’ll remember for a couple hours later and then when something more important comes along, you’ll just toss it aside.

If you went off of this picture alone, you might think this was really cool. Look at those armor designs - they almost scream bad-ass. Sadly, this picture is a misnomer.
If you went off of this picture alone, you might think this was really cool. Look at those armor designs - they almost scream bad-ass. Sadly, this picture is a misnomer.
I bet you do.
I bet you do.
You tell 'em, Okita Abraham!
You tell 'em, Okita Abraham!

What’s coming up next? Well, we hope to have a lot of recording done at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend. For our next review Drew will review another childhood favorite of his – one of those shows responsible for getting him into anime – 1988’s Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and it sounds like we’re going to review some other weird, obscure OAV which will probably represent the pinnacle of mediocrity – BB Fish.

Technical Notes:

There are a multitude of reasons which will blame for the delay as to why this is posted as late as it is.  One of them is the natural laziness that occurs in just about every species of fan. The other is everyone’s  schedules (well, I guess that’s to blame for just not having more podcasts recorded) and Drew’s trip to Japan where Mazinger Z beckoned him to buy robot models and he drank with salarymen. But there is another, probably more noticable difference in this episode – the audio encoding. Drew decided to be adventurous and record the raw audio in Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) to best capture our voices; however, the lower quality in the music bumps is much more noticable, espcially after the MP3 conversion. Gonna have to keep working at this one, so we apologize for the fluctuation in quality.

3 thoughts on “Episode 25 – A Whimsical Orange Road

  1. KOR requires A) multiple viewings B) the ability to look past the slapstick.

    KOR was, in an all cases, put out by AE at fan request requiring paid preorders. You only had KOR in stores because of the work by fans at the LD and later DVD releases. Without 1290 different people telling AE they’d buy KOR, it never would have even made it over. AE was willing to bring over the OVAs, and that was it.

    It’s very different than other titles, in that the audience already existed. KOR has been picking up more audience because of a few fansub groups that jumped on it after the license expired.

    Also, KOR is awesome, thanks. :|

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