Series 2 Episode 21: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers 30th Anniversary

In this episode, Drew and Richard talk about a panel they were planned to present at Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2018, the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers 30th Anniversary! We talk about the original TV series and the OAVs that came after. YST is a series that was near and dear to our hearts in our earlier fandom and is still a show we talk about off-air, so it was great to sit down and chat about this series. As you can tell from some background noise early on, we’re not the only ones who are down with YST!

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Episode 25 – A Whimsical Orange Road

Just before Anime Weekend Atlanta, we celebrate our twenty-fifth episode (and it only took 30 months to do!) by changing things up a little bit. Here at Akihabara Renditions, we do our reviews a little differently – we all are subjected to the material to be reviewed and each give our opinions on it. I think it makes for a much more balanced review but there are still some kinks to be worked out in the execution. While much of our review material thus far has been OAVs and films which only take a few hours to watch, when it comes to some of the longer series, four busy-as-Japanese-beavers-individuals with a ton of other commitments outside of the podcast, it becomes a little infeasible to adhere to this method.

So, we’ve modified the method a bit with one of us helming the flagship of running the review and selecting a few episodes for the rest of the members to get a feel for the series. Our first attempt at this new review style is 1987’s Kimagure Orange Road. We return to our normal review pattern with a forgettable OAV from 1986, Cosmos Pink Shock.

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik and Richard Hoelsher

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Episode 24 – Japanese Cartoons, Spring 2009

Basil from the OSMcast, our podcast superfriends, sticks around with us for another part where crotchety old men talk about the new-fangled cartoons from Spirng 2009 this year. This episode would have been much, much better had it been released near-after it was recorded as we only look at the series as the first couple of episodes were available and is more of an ‘initial thoughts’ sort of discussion. If you think we hate all new cartoons, this episode may surprise you! I know it surprised me.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Marc Smazik and Basil

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