Episode 24 – Japanese Cartoons, Spring 2009

Basil from the OSMcast, our podcast superfriends, sticks around with us for another part where crotchety old men talk about the new-fangled cartoons from Spirng 2009 this year. This episode would have been much, much better had it been released near-after it was recorded as we only look at the series as the first couple of episodes were available and is more of an ‘initial thoughts’ sort of discussion. If you think we hate all new cartoons, this episode may surprise you! I know it surprised me.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Marc Smazik and Basil

Download the episode here!

3 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Japanese Cartoons, Spring 2009

  1. Sure, when the Spetznaz decides we can have it back. Apparently Czar Putin has declared Fist of the North Star too awesome for the west. Or maybe he’s just mad we didn’t like Hyper Dolls.

  2. I’ve listen to all the podcasts. You guys make me laugh! When is the next one coming out?

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