Sports, Hacking and Terrible Robots – AkibaRen at AWA XVI!

It’s that time of year again! With plenty of episodes in the editing engine, Akihabara Renditions is gearing up  for panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta! Here’s our listing of events that we’ll be present for at this year’s convention.

Engrish Jamboree (Fri. 1:00 PM/13:00 Kennesaw Room) – Drew and Basil from our Podcast Super-Friends, the OSMCast!, bring forth examples of Japanese animation and some pop-culture of ridiculous portrayals of the English language!

Wide World of Sports Anime (Fri. 4:00 PM/16:00 Galleria 104) – Drew and Basil are back with Michelle to talk about the most over-looked genre of Japanese animation: that dealing with games of sport!

Podcaster’s Roundtable (Sat. 3:30 PM/15:30 Kennesaw Room) – Members of AkibaRen will be stopping by to say what’s up with other podcasters and chat with folks interested in podcasting.

Hacking in Anime (Sat. 7:00 PM/19:00 Galleria 104) – Marc and Drew are doing a last-minute replay of their successful panel from MTAC this year! They’ve got some clips from a few different anime that depict some elements of computer hacking – they’ll let you know what’s fact or fiction! Please check your neckbeard at the door.

My Life on the Super Robot D-List (Sun. 12:00 PM Galleria 104) – Mecha aficionados Drew and Richard are combining with Dave Merrill from Let’s Anime with a list of Super Robot anime that can be described as anything but good.

Why Anime Cons? (Sun. 3:30 PM/15:30 Galleria 104) – Drew and Marc will be there to talk about running anime conventions.

We’ll be posting some lists of clips we use in our panels so drop in and stay tuned!

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