Series 2 Episode 10 – The Long Con

On this episode, Richard and Drew sit down with Basil and Kevin from the OSMCast about SeishunCon – Atlanta’s Winter Anime Convention! We chat a little bit about programming and history of the convention, in the hopes of a longer recording about the show more in general – and guess what? When you’re busy as a panelist and totally free-form your show, you don’t demand that people sit down with you to talk about cartoon conventions.

For full disclosure, this is a convention that is near to Richard and Drew, as they are founders of the show, though they are not active in its organization or operation now. They return as panelists and hit the social circuit (and they way we like it). SeishunCon is a growing and fun show with a little something for everyone.

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Sports, Hacking and Terrible Robots – AkibaRen at AWA XVI!

It’s that time of year again! With plenty of episodes in the editing engine, Akihabara Renditions is gearing up  for panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta! Here’s our listing of events that we’ll be present for at this year’s convention.

Engrish Jamboree (Fri. 1:00 PM/13:00 Kennesaw Room) – Drew and Basil from our Podcast Super-Friends, the OSMCast!, bring forth examples of Japanese animation and some pop-culture of ridiculous portrayals of the English language!

Wide World of Sports Anime (Fri. 4:00 PM/16:00 Galleria 104) – Drew and Basil are back with Michelle to talk about the most over-looked genre of Japanese animation: that dealing with games of sport!

Podcaster’s Roundtable (Sat. 3:30 PM/15:30 Kennesaw Room) – Members of AkibaRen will be stopping by to say what’s up with other podcasters and chat with folks interested in podcasting.

Hacking in Anime (Sat. 7:00 PM/19:00 Galleria 104) – Marc and Drew are doing a last-minute replay of their successful panel from MTAC this year! They’ve got some clips from a few different anime that depict some elements of computer hacking – they’ll let you know what’s fact or fiction! Please check your neckbeard at the door.

My Life on the Super Robot D-List (Sun. 12:00 PM Galleria 104) – Mecha aficionados Drew and Richard are combining with Dave Merrill from Let’s Anime with a list of Super Robot anime that can be described as anything but good.

Why Anime Cons? (Sun. 3:30 PM/15:30 Galleria 104) – Drew and Marc will be there to talk about running anime conventions.

We’ll be posting some lists of clips we use in our panels so drop in and stay tuned!

AkibaRen @ AWA

Akihabara Renditions: Japanese Animation of the Bubble Economy, Atlanta’s own and the “Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard Of” present the following events for your consumption –

30th Anniversary Gundam Fan Panel, 9 – 11 PM, Galleria Room 105.
Drew and Richard of the Akihabara Renditions Podcast have some clips and witty commentary as we talk about one of the most prolific franchises in all of modern anime. We’re going to expand a little bit on our panel from last year, The Gundam Primer. If you like Gundam, come to this panel. If you ever wondered what /m/ looks like without computers, COME TO THIS PANEL. If you cannot get enough of Bright Noah with a chicken on his head, COME. TO. THIS. PANEL.

Classic Mecha, 2 – 3 PM, Galleria 105.
Dave Merrill and Drew Sutton dig out some old Japanese robot cartoons. Dave will mostly cover the 70s giant robot stuff and I’ll be hitting up the 80s with real robot stuff. Expect a lot of mainstays but knowing Dave, he’s got some wild gems I’ve probably never seen or heard of. If we run really short on time, expect Bright Noah with a chicken on his head.

Anime Podcasters Roundtable, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, Kennesaw Ballroom.
I will be joined by Basil from the OSMcast! and Internet Celebrity Daryl Surat Gerald &/or Clarissa from Anime World Order and how ever many of our co-hosts that can fit on the panel to talk about podcasting, why we never update (because we’re too busy with panels) and what it takes to run an anime podcast (hint: more than you think). And probably some other topics as they arise.

In addition, the whole Akihabara Renditions crew will be out in force ready to get your impressions of the convention!

Episode 22 – A Half-tastic MomoCon Review

A magnificent podcast as Marc and Drew sit down and discuss MomoCon for what they thought would be a brief discussion.

Marc sets a dangerous precedent by offering a party for listeners once a single episode’s downloads surpass the number of fingers on a normal individual’s fingers on two hands!

So, order your drinks by downloading this podcast!

Hosts: Marc Smazik and Drew Sutton

Podcast Notes:

MomoCon really deserves to be plugged. Also, Drew is prepared to take comments on numerous rounds of potential libel and slander.

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention

We’re scrambling to get ready for Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, otherwise known as MTAC!

Episode 21 is in the midst of being edited down, 22’s been recorded and now Drew’s brain is going to explode as the mixer and mics go with us to MTAC and he’ll have even more stuff to edit.

Hope to see you there!

Episode 19 – We Need Space

Baby, sometimes we just need some time away. So, we took a month off after the Christmas Craptacular. Then about another six weeks after this episode was recorded, we took some more time, because we’re all nerds and therefore, lazy.

However, to make up for the time apart, we’re back with a big two part episode! In part 1 (or, according to MLS – Megazone Language Style, PART 1) we review Voltron: Defender of the Universe and crap on our childhoods and then kick it up a notch with a review of the Space Adventure Cobra film from 1982.

Episode features: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik, Richard Hoelsher and Jason Brown.

Also – there’s a possibility that you might be offended (though, you shouldn’t be) if you’re any of the following:

  • Black
  • Woman
  • Swiss
  • Indian
  • Republican
  • Eskimo

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Podcast Episode 17 – Anime Weekend Atlanta XIV Megacast

Finally, three months after the convention, this episode is edited down and is ready for your consumption. Consume!

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Podcast Notes:

This episode has two components, the first recorded on Friday, 19 September 2008 when we sat down with a good friend of mine, Keith Daniell. Keith has been staffing with Anime Weekend Atlanta for the past 14 years, save for one year. Jason Brown, Marc Smazik and myself discuss with Keith the origins of Anime Weekend Atlanta from his perspective of working as a groundling and up to the rank of Assistant Director. We also share some of our early memories of the convention and how we’ve noticed changes at the convention, everything from the growth and the change in attendees (WARNING: There are a few instances in which what we say could probably be followed up with “Get off my lawn!”). In our second part, Richard joins Marc, Jason and Drew as we sit down with some other friends on Saturday evening (20 Sept. ’08):  Chad Bonin, who writes for Toon Zone and runs the nerd-culture blog, Gaijinside and Scott Laney, another contributor/editor at Gaijinside. Chad gets his Cartoon Network fanboy hat on as we briefly discuss the announcement of the end of the waning Toonami programming block and we chat about events and activities we’d done and went to at the convention as well as some preliminary opinions about how the convention went this year.


Our first episode with promos!

OSMcast! – I ended up on the Podcaster’s Roundtable with two of the gents from OSMcast!, a podcast all about everything geeky. Generally, these types of podcasts aren’t my thing but theirs is truly exceptional.

Anime World Order – The reason why after a curious Google search that I decided maybe there’s something to this anime podcasting thing. It’s also their fault that I said, I can probably do this, too and gathered my motley crew and created the Akihabara Renditions podcast. This promo’s less of a promo, compared to the other one listed on their site, but I feel that it captures the feel of the show more.

Special Thanks:

To our guests Keith Daniell, Chad Bonin, and Scott Laney, all of whom we’d love to work with again!

To Paul Chapman/the Alimighty Gooberzilla of Greatest Movie Ever Podcast and Daryl Surat, Clarissa Graffeo and Gerald Rathkolb all of Anime World Order for not only hosting the podcaster’s roundtable at Anime Weekend Atlanta but also inviting podcasters in the audience to join in.

Additional Links of Interest in this Episode:

Anime Weekend Atlanta

And, as always, any comments are welcome, you can use either the comments section or send us an e-mail to akibaren (at) gmail (dot) com!

/Drew Sutton, Akihabra Renditions

Podcast Episode 3: AWA Re-Cap

Episode 3 is now re-released!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik, Jason Brown and Richard Hoelsher.


After another year at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Editor’s Note: This was AWA XIII from 22 – 24 September 2007), we sit down and review the convention as seen through the eyes of fans and attendees. We of course harp on the biggest change that a lot of other folks jumped on about the weekend, which was the hotel enforcing a more restrictive alcohol policy, due mostly to events which transpired the previous year. This all ends up going back to how fandom used to be and how it’s changed as anime has become much more mainstream. WARNING: Segments of this podcast can easily be followed up with “Get off my lawn!”

Links of interest:

Anime Weekend Atlanta