Episode 19 – We Need Space

Baby, sometimes we just need some time away. So, we took a month off after the Christmas Craptacular. Then about another six weeks after this episode was recorded, we took some more time, because we’re all nerds and therefore, lazy.

However, to make up for the time apart, we’re back with a big two part episode! In part 1 (or, according to MLS – Megazone Language Style, PART 1) we review Voltron: Defender of the Universe and crap on our childhoods and then kick it up a notch with a review of the Space Adventure Cobra film from 1982.

Episode features: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik, Richard Hoelsher and Jason Brown.

Also – there’s a possibility that you might be offended (though, you shouldn’t be) if you’re any of the following:

  • Black
  • Woman
  • Swiss
  • Indian
  • Republican
  • Eskimo

I had to hook you into checking this out, rather than just grabbing the episode, didn’t I?

Download PART 1 here!

Voltron doesn’t need pictures. Any child of the 1980s will remember five lion robots which FORM LEGS, FORM ARMS AND TORSO AND THEN FORM THE HEAD. And then they go on to mercilessly kill villainous robots with a single sword stroke. You can read more of Richard’s review of it over on Gaijinside. As you can tell from that review, the box set is available in North America and readily available.

What does need some pictures is Cobra. Cobra is bad-ass. That’s why more people need to watch it! It’s a science fiction, action-adventure film which can be hard to sum up with actual words, so a few pictures and a blathering podcast should do the trick. We crack a lot of jokes, as with most everything, but this is seriously a great film. It’s also amazingly out-of-print. I guess it’s not so amazing that it’s out of print when the Industry is too busy catering to a market that doesn’t have money because they spent it all on their loli dolls. Your best bet to catch this is through you favorite fansub tracker.


The SF equivalent to a .50cal Barrett - the Psychogun!
The SF equivalent to a .50cal Barrett - the Psychogun!
Cobra is a manly man who swims on shag rugs with beautiful women
Cobra is a manly man who swims on shag rugs with beautiful women
Infamous Star Nips
Infamous Star Nips
This is the face of sexual assault. He'll gladly touch you.
This is the face of sexual assault. He'll gladly touch you.

Download PART 2

PART 2, in keeping with MLS, is all about Marc’s adventure at AUSAMCon, which his girlfriend took him to. She was hosting a panel or some-such and the con was so small, he wound up a psuedo-guest. It’s all good though, even if he didn’t wind up a psuedo-guest, we’d still wind up talking about it.

Speaking of Cons – Marc and Drew attended MomoCon a couple weeks ago in March and we’re set to record our review of that. But, more importantly, Marc, Ricahard and Drew will be attending MTAC 3-5 April in Nashville, TN. We’ll have podcasting equipment on site to cast from the con – and we’ll probably try to get you on the show with us!

One thought on “Episode 19 – We Need Space

  1. Links to the actual episodes are now fixed, just in case anyone was wondering.

    /drew, akibaren

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