Podcast Episode 17 – Anime Weekend Atlanta XIV Megacast

Finally, three months after the convention, this episode is edited down and is ready for your consumption. Consume!

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Podcast Notes:

This episode has two components, the first recorded on Friday, 19 September 2008 when we sat down with a good friend of mine, Keith Daniell. Keith has been staffing with Anime Weekend Atlanta for the past 14 years, save for one year. Jason Brown, Marc Smazik and myself discuss with Keith the origins of Anime Weekend Atlanta from his perspective of working as a groundling and up to the rank of Assistant Director. We also share some of our early memories of the convention and how we’ve noticed changes at the convention, everything from the growth and the change in attendees (WARNING: There are a few instances in which what we say could probably be followed up with “Get off my lawn!”). In our second part, Richard joins Marc, Jason and Drew as we sit down with some other friends on Saturday evening (20 Sept. ’08):  Chad Bonin, who writes for Toon Zone and runs the nerd-culture blog, Gaijinside and Scott Laney, another contributor/editor at Gaijinside. Chad gets his Cartoon Network fanboy hat on as we briefly discuss the announcement of the end of the waning Toonami programming block and we chat about events and activities we’d done and went to at the convention as well as some preliminary opinions about how the convention went this year.


Our first episode with promos!

OSMcast! – I ended up on the Podcaster’s Roundtable with two of the gents from OSMcast!, a podcast all about everything geeky. Generally, these types of podcasts aren’t my thing but theirs is truly exceptional.

Anime World Order – The reason why after a curious Google search that I decided maybe there’s something to this anime podcasting thing. It’s also their fault that I said, I can probably do this, too and gathered my motley crew and created the Akihabara Renditions podcast. This promo’s less of a promo, compared to the other one listed on their site, but I feel that it captures the feel of the show more.

Special Thanks:

To our guests Keith Daniell, Chad Bonin, and Scott Laney, all of whom we’d love to work with again!

To Paul Chapman/the Alimighty Gooberzilla of Greatest Movie Ever Podcast and Daryl Surat, Clarissa Graffeo and Gerald Rathkolb all of Anime World Order for not only hosting the podcaster’s roundtable at Anime Weekend Atlanta but also inviting podcasters in the audience to join in.

Additional Links of Interest in this Episode:

Anime Weekend Atlanta

And, as always, any comments are welcome, you can use either the comments section or send us an e-mail to akibaren (at) gmail (dot) com!

/Drew Sutton, Akihabra Renditions

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