Series 2 Episode 17: Anime of Heisei-gannen

Japan is preparing for the abdication of its current Emperor, which means the coming of a new era! Actually, this doesn’t mean anything except or history and political junkies… doesn’t it? Well, not so fast!

Drew will explain the significance and brief history of the Imperial Calendar system and Richard confuses monarchies for someplace that elects their figureheads and nominates professional wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger to the post and applies it to pop culture through beloved children’s hero, Masked (Kamen) Rider. Then they’ll go on to discuss some of the most notable series from the first year of the closing Heisei period.

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Podcast Episode 16 – A Mid-summer’s News Round Up

With Anime Expo 2008 a few weeks away and our last episode several weeks before and the lack of news content in the past several shows, we decided to jump back in the game with some news-oriented discussion.

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Jason Brown, Marc Smazik and Richard Hoelsher.


I’m sure most of the news articles came from this fine site here but if you can’t find something we talked about, then you can always check here.