Series 2 Episode 4: Creator Profile – Tomino Yoshiyuki Part 1

In this episode of Akihabara Renditions, we explore the life and work of a creator, in this case, director, whose work is near and dear to us: Tomino Yoshiyuki. We’re test driving a new format that we hope to expand into other episodes. Once we sat down and did our notes for this, we figured that this would be best split into two episodes. The show notes below contain some links for further reading!

Sorry for the episode release delay – Drew was having issues with the metadata for the podcast; it still isn’t fixed but we figured it was best just to get it out to you!

Hosts: Drew & Richard

Download this episode, you geek!

Show Notes:

Our opening theme remains the same as always; our ending theme this episode is Uchuu no Hoshi yo Eien ni, the ending theme to Invincible Superman Zambot 3.

The quote we used regarding his time as a freelancer was found this article via Forbes.

General Research provided by Wikipedia (and ウイキペデイア) because Internet but corroborated by ANN EncycplopediaSunrise Ainme 2001 (Tatsumi, 2000, ISBN 4-88641-496-6 C9476), and Mobile Suit Gundam Spotlight Article in Animerica Magazine (Vol. 6, No. 10).

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