Series 2 Episode 4: Creator Profile – Tomino Yoshiyuki Part 1

In this episode of Akihabara Renditions, we explore the life and work of a creator, in this case, director, whose work is near and dear to us: Tomino Yoshiyuki. We’re test driving a new format that we hope to expand into other episodes. Once we sat down and did our notes for this, we figured that this would be best split into two episodes. The show notes below contain some links for further reading!

Sorry for the episode release delay – Drew was having issues with the metadata for the podcast; it still isn’t fixed but we figured it was best just to get it out to you!

Hosts: Drew & Richard

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Series 2 Episode 3: A Deep Dive Into Grizzled Anime Fandom

In this episode of Akihabara Renditions, Drew and Richard sit down to talk about some of those first series of anime they saw that really drove them over the edge –  those shows that went beyond just being cool cartoons but really encouraged us to dive really deep into the backgrounds of those shows. It provided for some great commentary and hope you enjoy listening! Feel like getting involved in the conversation? Leave us a comment here, on Twitter or Facebook about those first shows that drove you over the deep end!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton & Richard Hoelsher

Podcast Series 2 Episode 2: Are We In A Golden Age Of Western Fandom?

On this episode of Akihabara Renditions,Drew and Richard discuss current anime distribution and compare pros and cons to “The Old Daze” of anime fandom and whether we are now in a golden age of fandom as far as availability and price.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher

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The Fanboys Are Back In Town

Hey Readers and Listeners, Drew here from Akihabara Renditions. It’s a New Year; Happy 2017, everyone! Wait, whaddaya mean 2017?!? Our last post was from 2011?!?!

There’s been a ton going on with our motley crew of podcasters in the last six years – perhaps the single biggest among everyone was getting SeishunCon up and off the ground. Marc and friend of the show Taylor are taking care of that now, while Richard and I are taking some time out. Richard and I will be back hosting shows, hopefully more regularly, and we’ll be sure to have Marc  (who’s seat is still permanent), Taylor and many of the other fine folks from SeishunCon back on the show. お楽しみにしてください Please look forward to it!

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MomoCon 2011

The cast of Akihabara Renditions will be visiting MomoCon this weekend in Georgia Tech Square in various capacities! Here are the following panels that you can find (some) of us in –

New Media/Podcasting in Anime Fandom: Drew is acting as a moderator for the discussion, so AkibaRen is sure to be mentioned. But this is about other podcasts and “new media”. (Saturday, 4 PM. Room 102)

XDR: Marc and Drew head up a ridiculous clip show. (Saturday, 11:30 PM. Room 101)

10 Years, 10 Anime – Japanese Animation 1980 – 1989: You know Drew loves the ’80s and its Japanese cartoons. Stop by to see what he considers some important and must-see anime year by year! (Sunday, 5:30 PM. Room 202)

When not giving presentations or assisting in general con business, we’ll also be promoting our ever more time consuming product, SeishunCon! Stop by and say hey, our table will be right near registration!