A Treasure Trove Of Junk: Personal Archive of Internet Anime Fandom, 1996 ~ 2002

Drew here with another Free Talk on Akihabara Renditions! I joke that my parent’s had this plan for their retirement – Operation: Get Your Shit Out Of My House. Phases of this operation are selecting some holiday or family gathering and when they show up, inform my wife and I that they have stuff for us (usually to my wife’s chagrin). This is the story of one of the results of those phases: part of the delivery was old floppy disks I had from my early teenage years up until I left for college, which was nearly all years of heavy anime fandom. I figured this would be a good Free Talk article to both look at how Internet access and anime fandom not only correlated but how they’ve changed over this time period.

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Podcast Episode 8: Tetsuo Kaneda Podcast

Episode 8 is up and ready to be downloaded for the first time, for the last time!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Marc Smazik and Jason Brown.


Speaking of staples of 1990s-anime-from-Blockuster-Video, we’d realized that we were skipping over probably the most famous of all – AKIRA (1988). Our roundtable discussion is more of story-time as Drew attempts to start a profile-in-fandom piece and talks about the man that fans love to hate, Carl Macek. Finally, we review another little OAV, Dragon Half (1993)  that had captured a generation of fans, particularly AMV creators, with the phrase “What the fuck?!”. No, seriously. What the fuck were we thinking of reviewing this?

Podcast Episode 7: Koko wa Podcast Tank Police

Episode 7 is now out again!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik, Jason Brown and Richard Hoelsher.


After the failure that was Please Save My Earth, we hesitantly pick up another shoujo title. Marc is pleased because he likes shoujo stuff and despite the trap in the series, 1993-96’s Koko wa Greenwood OAV goes over fairly well. Our roundtable this episode attempts to discuss the significance of that beast we all love to hate: moe~. Finally, we review a staple of 1990s anime-from-Blockbuster-Video, which all stores were required by law to have – Dominion Tank Police (1988).