Podcast Episode 8: Tetsuo Kaneda Podcast

Episode 8 is up and ready to be downloaded for the first time, for the last time!

Download this episode!

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Marc Smazik and Jason Brown.


Speaking of staples of 1990s-anime-from-Blockuster-Video, we’d realized that we were skipping over probably the most famous of all – AKIRA (1988). Our roundtable discussion is more of story-time as Drew attempts to start a profile-in-fandom piece and talks about the man that fans love to hate, Carl Macek. Finally, we review another little OAV, Dragon Half (1993)  that had captured a generation of fans, particularly AMV creators, with the phrase “What the fuck?!”. No, seriously. What the fuck were we thinking of reviewing this?

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