Podcast Episode 12: Do You Remember Love

This is the last episode from 2007! Episode 12 tackles yet another fan classic and we hope we can do it any sort of justice.

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Jason Brown and Marc Smazik.


We review Superdimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remmeber Love? (1984). Now, for most people, they’ll stop there and listen because they know what’s up. For those that may not know what it up, beware because THERE IS NO ANIME THAT IS AS GOOD AS THIS FILM. It is a film that speaks on more than a thematic level but a film that encompasses an entire generation of otaku and fanboys and what promise Japanese animation had back then. It is also a crying shame crime that this film is NOT available domestically in North America because of legal issues both in the United States and Japan. So, beg, borrow and steal to watch this movie and then when you sit down to watch the next episode of Toradora or whatever flavor of Moe Moe~ Paradise is running, you should be asking yourselves what Drew does with every new season preview article: What the fuck happened, Japan?

Also, what’s a Macross review without considering the most important decision in anime ever: Misa or Minmei?

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