Podcast Omake 1 – OSMCast_Renditions Tokusatsu Three Way

This is not a normal episode by any length because we talk about a con AT A CON and are Richard and Drew are  GUESTS on OUR OWN show. Plus – to get even more trippy, this is actually the SECOND piece of bonus material recorded at the convention for Akihabara Renditions. We introduce (not really) a guest and friend of ours, Jason Sohiel Asgari of gaijINside.com in an earlier bonus track and we’ll post that later. Now for the episode you care about (not really)!

Download the episode here!

Special thanks go out to Basil and Kevin of OSMcast, first for Basil for hosting and then Kevin for filling in mid way through and to Jason Sohiel Asgari for joining us to talk about conventions and men in rubber suits.

Podcast Notes:

None of us can count conventions who use “non-sequential” numbering schemes, also known as “themes”. We spend the first part talking about the actual convention in a real-time fashion (unlike a real review, which we sit on for three weeks and then not post it for another month). Then, Basil has to leave and his compadre Kevin fills in to help Richard and Jason school Drew on the magical fairy land that is Japanese special effects hero programming, more shortly known as tokusatsu.

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