Podcast Episode 4: Hard Work, Guts, and Sunglasses

Episode 4 is finally re-released! This is an episode that Drew is particularly proud of because we deal with two very distinct reactions to what we review.

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Hosts: Drew Sutton, Marc Smazik, Jason Brown and Richard Hoelsher


We sit down for two more reviews in this episode after returning from our drunken NERD RAGE over Anime Weekend Atlanta in the previous episode. What we think will end up with two more pleasant reviews to calm us down, Marc ends up requesting us to review something he remembered fondly from high school, Boku no Chikyuu ‘o mamotte, also known as Please Save My Earth (1993-’94). Marc’s memory of this series is better than the actual series but Jason, Richard and Drew end up tearing into it. We then switch to our roundtable section where we discuss the impact of sub-only DVD releases and their potential impact on the North American Anime Industry. Finally, needing something to lighten the mood we review GAINAX’s 1988 OAV Top ‘o nerae GunBuster.

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