Podcast Episode 5: Jason Wants to Hit Me With Cookies

Episode 5 is re-released here! This is another episode that Drew is proud of, probably for the exact opposite reasons he’s proud of the previous episode.

Download this episode!

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher, Jason Brown and Marc Smazik.


Following the mixture of hot shit and hot, steaming pile of crap that was our previous episode, Drew feels he has a sure-fire win with 1983’s Crusher Joe. It backfires as he is the only member of the cast who truly enjoys the film. We also discuss a current state of broadcast anime and how it’s changed since we became fans and whether it’s better or not. Finally, with three of us being mecha fans, it was hard for us to avoid something that was Mobile Suit Gundam related, so we decided to pop in Mobile Suit Gundam F-91.

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