Series 2 Episode 6: Subfandom PlaMo

We’re back for another episode of Akihabara Renditions! In this episode, we’re going to talk briefly about a subset of anime fandom that is near and dear to our hearts – Plastic Modeling (PlaMo), particularly of the Gundam variety. It’s a quick episode where we talk about some of the history, some of the different “lines” of GunPla and some build discussion.

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Series 2 Episode 4: Creator Profile – Tomino Yoshiyuki Part 1

In this episode of Akihabara Renditions, we explore the life and work of a creator, in this case, director, whose work is near and dear to us: Tomino Yoshiyuki. We’re test driving a new format that we hope to expand into other episodes. Once we sat down and did our notes for this, we figured that this would be best split into two episodes. The show notes below contain some links for further reading!

Sorry for the episode release delay – Drew was having issues with the metadata for the podcast; it still isn’t fixed but we figured it was best just to get it out to you!

Hosts: Drew & Richard

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Series 2 Episode 3: A Deep Dive Into Grizzled Anime Fandom

In this episode of Akihabara Renditions, Drew and Richard sit down to talk about some of those first series of anime they saw that really drove them over the edge –  those shows that went beyond just being cool cartoons but really encouraged us to dive really deep into the backgrounds of those shows. It provided for some great commentary and hope you enjoy listening! Feel like getting involved in the conversation? Leave us a comment here, on Twitter or Facebook about those first shows that drove you over the deep end!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton & Richard Hoelsher

Podcast Series 2 Episode 2: Are We In A Golden Age Of Western Fandom?

On this episode of Akihabara Renditions,Drew and Richard discuss current anime distribution and compare pros and cons to “The Old Daze” of anime fandom and whether we are now in a golden age of fandom as far as availability and price.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher

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Episode 35 – Christmas Craptacular 4

We’re back on schedule for our fourth annual Christmas Craptacular special! And we’ll probably only be on schedule for this episode. Especially after the debacle with last year’s Craptacular and not to mention the debacle that is, well, our recording/posting history for the year 2010, it doesn’t hurt to get one thing out on time.

Hosts: Drew Sutton, Richard Hoelsher and Marc Smazik.

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We’d also like to take this time to preemptively wish our listeners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we are all ready to bugger off for family, food and copious amounts of booze. Akihabara Renditions will be back shortly after the new year with the same resolution (to do better) for 2011!

Episode 34 – Crisis on Infinite Californias

Richard and Drew get together for a podcast where we talk about the 1986 OAV, California Crisis. California Crisis is a bit like Please Save My Earth in that in this episode, Drew couldn’t stand to go looking for screen shots or an audio clip. Richard and Drew just get right into it. In fact, this image was taken from the site Anime Classic Reviews, run by a really awesome fan, “Area88”. Be sure to check out the site and what treasures lie there – we guarantee you’ll see future reviews coming from that treasure trove of titles!

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Hosts: Drew Sutton and Richard Hoelsher